"She Believed She Could So She Did!" - #TruthTuesday

January 17, 2017

Happy New Year! I’m working on getting back at it and on track after the holidays. I am finally making it back to writing #TruthTuesday

Today, I dedicate my #truthtuesday post to my sister, Patty. At 6:49 am this morning she boarded a local express bus that whisked her on her way to her new and most fabulous adventure yet - Nursing School! After two long years, of working two jobs at one point, and going to school to finish the required prerequisites in order to apply to the nursing school program of her choice, she is officially on her way and living her dream. 

“She believed she could so she did.”

This is the quote that Patty repeated over and over and over again as motivation to get through the hardiest and most trying times so that she could get to exactly where she wanted and dreamed of most…getting on that bus with her books, scrubs, stethoscope, notebooks, pens and a hot cup of coffee today to start the first day of the rest of her life. 

Now, I promise you, for Patty to get to this moment in time it was not always easy, and on occasion, maybe even a little unrealistic. She turned 39 this month. And at 39 years old, there are way too many people who would use their age as an easy out, a perfect excuse to say new dreams, new careers, a new life are not options at “that age” anymore. But not Patty, and not for one minute did she ever let her age to deter her, even when she joked about being the oldest in her study group. 

Patty is embarking on what I like to call her “next life.” Patty truly searched high and low, fell down and got back up more times than she probably wants to even revisit. But here is the thing. We all have to do that and go through that. How else would we recognize the “thing” that inspires us, makes us feel alive, gives us purpose, joy, and confidence? That “thing” - in the end - makes all of the hard and ugly stuff worth every moment. And the only way you every get to meet that “thing,” live that “thing,” is to keep going and never quit. We all know that life is not a straight line. I can tell you that from my own life experiences, and I know Patty would tell you that too. But, she “just keeps swimming!” Taking on the currents, the storms, the calm waters and the murky, too. She kept her eye on the ball, always! No matter if she swam off course a bit or if conditions she had zero control over slowed her stride, she did not let that stop her. She rerouted, she came up with a new plan, asked for help, she approached things in a different way, she thought outside-the-box.

Briefly, let me touch on the "asking for help" point mentioned above. THIS IS HUGE. No one can achieve their dream or continue on their journey towards and beyond their dream if they don’t ask for help when help is needed. Let go of your pride, it is about your “thing,” not saving face. We all need help in this world, so ask for it. There is no shame in asking. More often than not, people WANT to help, want to support you, want to be apart of your greatness and making your great dream a reality. So just do it. Ask for help.

Finally, in the end, Patty keeping her eye on the “nursing school” ball got her exactly where she is today, sitting in a classroom in downtown Denver doing her “thing” - and keeping her eye on her next ball - receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and starting her new career as a nurse. Will the next 18 months be hard, have ups and downs, and moments when she wants to cry and quit? Yes. But will she? No. Because she’s knows exactly what to do. She will keep her eye on that ball, and has the strategies in place to get her there. And whatever her next “thing” is after graduating, I know it will be awesome and she will have no problem achieving it. 

Today’s #TruthTuesday take-aways:

    #1. Believe you can and you will.

    #2. Your age does not matter when it comes to going after your dreams and making your               
    life whatever you want it to look like. 

    #3. It can, and will be hard. Keep going. 

    #4. It is okay, even necessary, to ask for help in order to get achieve your dream. 

    #5. Feel and be present with the hard stuff, the ugly stuff, and the sad stuff. That way you            
    will know 100% what the good stuff is when you find it.

    #6. Just keep swimming. (Yes, I am quoting “Finding Nemo.”)

    #7.  Keep your eye on the ball.

And saving the most important for last.     

   #8. That I am the proudest sister and maybe person (except for Patty of herself) in the          
   entire universe of what Patty has accomplished, and what she has weathered to get there. How    
   time-after-time she picked herself up and dusted herself off, worked as hard as she could, stuck
   to her plan, didn’t listen to naysayers or doubters, ignored and rid her energetic space of
   toxic people, choices and objects, and just kept going.

Patty Lynne Hurley, I am over the moon proud and excited for you. Batwoman, you made it with grace, strength, love for yourself, determination, confidence, style and a sense of humor. We all could stand to take a rule or two out of your playbook! You deserve today and every fantastic “thing” you will undoubtedly achieve on your life’s journey. 

 SBSCSSD. And you did. Congratulations my most favorite and fabulous person and role model. Love you! 

© Kelly A. Hurley. 2017.